Aronia – the Queen of Antioxidants and Our Health

Have you heard about Aronia/Chokeberry? This wonderful almost almighty perennial blooms in May with beautiful white blossoms, and spoils us with its typically dark berries in August. Since the plant is very easy to grow, and prides itself with its beauty, it is a great enrichment for a corner of our garden. Of course, we have to mention that Aronia is not only known for its beauty, but especially for its numerous health and beneficent effects on our body. About that and about much more, we will talk in the article you are reading right now. Do not miss out!

Suitable for consumption are its beautiful berries that contain a whole palette of various vitamins, minerals, and the pigment anthocyanin. All these beneficial substances help to improve our health and well-being; they slow down the aging process, and protect us from negative effects of the harmful free radicals.

Aronia Introduces Itself

The aronia plant belongs to shrubs, classified as berries. It grows in the form of a lush bush, reaching from one to three metres in height, but it can form into a small tree as well. The homeland of aronia is the eastern part of North America, where it was used for its healing and nutritional purposes by native habitants already. Aronia was brought to Europe around 1700, especially because of its beauty.

Aronia is frost resistant, withstanding temperatures up to -40°C. That is why it was given another name. It is also known as the Siberian blueberry. Suitable for growing is poor soil as well, it is drought resistant, and no pests or diseases harm her.

Nasad aronije

Aronia Plantation on Our Farm


We know three aronia types, which are distinguished by the colour of the fruit: black, red and purple. The berries of all three types have a typical tart taste, which makes them difficult to eat raw. We can mitigate the tartness by drying, freezing or cooking the berries. We can use dried fruits for tea or desserts; from fresh berries, we can make excellent marmalade and juice, which is especially recommended for drinking.

Aronia Berries Are a True Treasure of Healing and Useful Substances

  • Let us mention the following healing substances: anthocyanin, tannin, flavonoid, rutin,
  • Aronia contains large amounts of vitamin A, very high concentrations of vitamin C; vitamin E, and B vitamins: B9, B6, and B2.
  • Among minerals, the following ones occupy the biggest place: potassium, calcium, manganese, iron, molybdenum, iodine, and phosphorus.
  • The special pigment called anthocyanin gives the ripe berries their typical dark colour. It protects the fruit and seed from harmful UV rays. This pigment is known for its very strong antioxidant action, as it slows down the aging process and destroys harmful free radicals.

Healing Effects

Aronia is known for its anticancer action. Thus, we can say it destroys malignant cancer cell in lungs, brain, colon, and liver diseases. Anthocyanin and proanthocyanin are particularly effective here.

As mentioned before, aronia is a strong antioxidant. Therefore, it excels at destroying free radicals, and it prevents the degeneration of healthy cells in tissue and blood plasma. This, of course, slows down the aging process in the body.

Aronia has healing and beneficent effects on various parts of the human body:

  1. Head: Aronia improves blood flow in the head, effectively healing headaches and migraines, while also slowing down the development of arteriosclerosis. In addition, it strongly protects against the occurrence of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
  2. Urinary Tract: Aronia heals various urinary tract infections as well as prostate inflammation in men. It can cure various kidney and bladder problems.
  3. Heart: The plant lowers blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels in blood. It makes it easier to recover from a stroke or a heart attack; it also restores the tissue of arteries, and increases the elasticity of the mentioned vessels. It is known to improve blood flow in the heart muscle, helping the growth of new vessels and preventing clogging.
  4. Blood and Circulatory System: Aronia improves blood count and effectively cleanses blood, improves blood flow. As mentioned before, it lowers blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels while increasing vascular elasticity and preventing clogging. It reduces blood vessel inflammation and regulates blood sugar as well.
  5. Endocrine Glands: Aronia consumption improves hormone secretion and regulates the function of the thyroid and pancreas.
  6. Stomach and Intestines: The plant calms an irritated stomach, its contractions and the resulting pain. The same goes for gut problems. It heals the inflammation of the intestinal mucosa, stomach wounds, and gastric disorders.
  7. Bile and Liver: Drinking aronia juice improves liver function and bile secretion. It is important to tell that aronia cleanses the liver of fats, restores them after serious illnesses; it also heals the inflammation of the gallbladder and bile ducts.
  8. Skin: Attention, ladies! Aronia increases skin elasticity, and reduces boron levels in skin. It removes sunspots and cracked capillaries, slows down skin aging, and gives you a youthful appearance.
  9. Organism Cleansing: Aronia binds heavy metals and radioactive elements to itself, enabling their elimination. All of this is especially useful when we are exposed to radiation in various therapies after surgery.

Aronia is indispensable during pregnancy, as it is an extremely natural source of folic acid and iron.

Body Detox with Aronia

Aronia has another first-class quality: It cleanses and detoxifies the entire body of all poisons. These include heavy metals and some radioactive elements, which have piled in our body for years, especially in the tissues, nerves and brain.

Aroniasaft 1L

Aronia Juice 1L

Therefore, detoxification should become our daily hygiene, since only this will relieve our body and increase its ability to utilise all the healing substances we put into it.

How Much Can We Consume Per Day?

We can consume up to 20 fresh or dried berries daily. If we drink the juice, we can drink from 30 to 50 ml daily. We recommend consuming aronia after a meal, preferably after breakfast. Children from one year onwards can consume it as well.